About Us

Who Are We?

NéDa is the founder and CEO of NédaPure, a skincare brand solely based on Purity, Transparency, and Values. In a battle to fight all the toxic skincare products commonly available in the market, we have always struggled to come up with something incredible that does not harm the skin, addresses skin-related issues, and helps achieve adorable silky skin. The path was not smooth and it took many years to land this destination.

We are a group of organic skincare specialists working as a top-notch organic skincare company. We have mastered the art of utilising natural ingredients sourced from Nature to craft luxury-grade, artisanal, and heartwarming formulations for all skin types.

Our journey in the BEAUTY AND SKINCARE INDUSTRY enables us to understand the pain points of people of different genders, age groups, and skin types and produce the best formula that works magic for their skin. 

Botanical Wonders Exclusively Designed for YOU fresh from the Oven to your Doorstep 💗

Cherish Yourself with Nédapure Charismatic Products

The individuality associated with each piece in our organic skin care products, such as purifying Face oil, Glow Face Oil, Natural Exfoliator for Skin Glow, and Enzymes Powder Face Mask, gives us the confidence to travel down your dermal layers and hit the problem area with our unique solutions. Be it acne, inflamed skin, ageing skin, or wrinkles, we have got it covered.

We strive to keep the process natural, organic, and sustainable. Hence, whatever you receive is a whole new world of beauty, with no toxins and side effects. All the products are skin-friendly and work on improving your skin tone, fixing your skin shortcomings, provide an organic skincare glow and help you achieve glass skin without any hassle.